Debra J. Schnack, MFT - License No. 47866
Fees & Payment…
          I am available for appointments during Monday through Thursday, as well as the occasional Saturday. Below are my hourly rates for therapy.  


Cost of Therapy:
  •   45-50 min. individual session: $120
  •   45-50 min. family session: $150
  •   65-75 min. session: $180
  •   65-75 min. family session: $225

     Payment is due at the beginning of each session in cash, check, or credit card.

     I am a provider on a few insurance panels. If you would like your insurance to help cover the cost of your therapy, please contact  your insurance company to confirm I am a qualified provider on your insurance panel. 

Problem Gambling:   
       I am a provider for the State Office of Problem Gambling and will work with you to seek FREE services should you suffer from problem gambling. These free services also are offered to those family members who are affected by the problem gambler's behaviors.

       Please feel free to call me with any questions about therapy, the cost of therapy, and the process of therapy. I will be happy to address them at that time.