Debra J. Schnack, LMFT - Oregon License No. T1194
Couples Counseling…
Couples Counseling          Long-lasting, successful relationships can be hard work and I believe it is an act of faith and bravery for a couple to acknowledge that a problem exists and make the conscious choice to work with a therapist. Their willingness and commitment to growth is an investment with many benefits.
          When working with new couples, I have found that successful and effective counseling is best achieved by using several theoretical modalities. However, my primary approach is using the techniques of Emotionally Focused Therapy.  As an EFT therapist, I encourage couples to express their actions and emotions in a secure, non-judgmental environment.  By observing the release of feelings, emotions, and anxieties of one partner, the other can gain new insight and perception into the effect their own actions and behaviors have on the relationship as a whole. 
          I also work from a systems perspective, which supports the idea that problems between a couple are best treated by changing the way the "couple" works rather than trying to fix just one person in the relationship. My goal is to help them restore their relationship to a better and healthier level of functioning without either partner having to breach their core values, dreams, or deeply held beliefs.

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