Debra J. Schnack, MFT - Request Appointment - Roseville, CA
Debra J. Schnack, MFT - Oregon License No. 1194
Booking Your First Appointment...

              WE WILL REVIEW THE  "Informed Consent," "Client Information Form," and "HIPAA Form" at your first appointment. It is helpful to read and fill out the electronic forms before your first appointment, so that we can use the remainder of time to discuss the issues that led you to seek therapy. Please feel free to call me at 503.804.4667 and we can work together on getting the electronic forms out to you and setting up your first appointment.
          Thank you for taking this first step in the therapeutic process. I look forward to meeting with you soon!


Portland, OR                     
Bradshaw Building
811 NW 19th Avenue
Suite 301-A
Portland, OR 97209

OFFICE ENTRANCE: My office is in the beautiful, historic Bradshaw Building. 

To access my office, please come in through the door AT THE BACK OF THE BUILDING, (the front door leads to the lobby of an advertising agency). 

Go up two flights of stairs to a door that says "Suite 301." 

Please enter and come into the waiting room. Enjoy some water or tea when you arrive. 

NOTE: My office is NOT wheelchair accessible There is no elevator.
            Parking is STREET PARKING ONLY and is easy to find.